A collection of my music from trailers, TV, and films.

  • 1:49
    Dramedy underscore with a danceable feel and European flair...
  • 2:46
    Orchestral fantasy adventure with a haunting vocal intro.
  • 2:23
    Intimate at first, it grows into an uplifting piece. With Bryan Kelly.
  • 1:42
    A little mischief goes a long way...
  • 1:47
    Piano and strings take us on a voyage of discovery.
  • 2:57
    "We are here, now" - 6 pianos in a celebration of optimism and life.
  • 2:22
    From the album "Heists, Capers and Cons" comes the light-hearted falling out of the gang after the heist. With Bryan Kelley
  • 1:55
    A wondrous intro gives way to ecstatic family adventure!