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Luciano Storti

Composer • Arranger


Luciano Storti

Composer • Arranger



Luciano understands the subtleties of instrumental balance in a score, which allows him to create mystical, stirring tracks, with subtle underpinnings that shift from broadly emotional to nuanced and gauzy; his musical renderings are complex yet organic, stunning but within reach.

He composes around the structure of a film- his music never overpowers the story.


Maria Florio, Academy Award Winning Producer/Owner of Earthworks Films
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Latest Music

Latest Music

Here you can briefly listen to some of my latest work.

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Listen to more music from NO ASYLUM

It is rare to find an artist like Luciano who balances insane talent and such wonderful organization of the process. The way Luke is able to manage a project from start to finish, delivering stunning quality every time, is so unparalleled in my experience that I can’t imagine anyone better...

We’ve done a number of scores - from a ferocious Indian drum soundtrack to a sparkling fantasy theme - and he produces such hummable, catchy melodies every time, that people think I’ve hired John Williams.

I won’t work with anyone else, no matter how big or small the project, because there just isn’t anyone else better.
— Soman Chainani, NYT Best-selling Author/Director




Born in Switzerland and of Italian and Swiss nationality, I moved to Boston at 18 to attend Berklee College of Music, after studying piano privately and receiving a state scholarship. I loved the experience enormously and soaked it up, spending the entirety of my free time studying scores, composing, recording in the studios and meeting fantastic musicians. This is where I fell in love with composing to picture.

After teaching for a year in Switzerland, I moved to Los Angeles to study composition at California State University, Northridge with the wonderful Daniel Kessner, and later, Liviu Marinescu. This gave me a firm basis of modern classical compositional techniques, and opened my mind to a myriad of modern chamber and orchestral sounds I had not encountered before. While at CSUN, I also studied Film literature with Maria De Las Carreras, whose boundless passion, and encyclopedic knowledge of the subject, lead me to develop a better understanding of film structure and underlying themes. 

I started scoring shorts, trailers, and eventually documentaries and films. During this time, I spent much energy analyzing musical simplicity: it almost sounds contradictory, I know, but the music of some of the composers I admire most appears simple on the surface, powered by timeless melodies and thematic development. For the film world, Nino Rota, Ennio Morricone, and Alexandre Desplat come to mind. 

So I weave my thematic lines in and out, often breaking them into motivic fragments, placing them around dialogue or narration, accentuating moments, aiming not to manipulate the viewer, but to help them be more immersed and emotionally invested in a great story.

If you are looking for more than just a mood, if you are looking for music that is emotional, precise, understated but sweeping when called for, then do get in touch. We may have much to discuss…




Credits, abbreviated

• Legendary AD

Feature documentary directed by Leonardo Corbucci



Feature documentary directed by Paula Fouce


• CITY under the sea

Multiple award-winning TV documentary for National Geographic


• composer for X-ray dog music/BMG

Musical contributor for this trailer & music library under the BMG umbrella


• cold cabin

Feature length thriller directed by Dennis Luu


• Water colours

Multiple award-winning TV documentary series for National Geographic TV


• song of the dunes

Award-winning feature documentary directed by Paula Fouce




-- I just had the pleasure of having a full symphonic string section recorded in Budapest for my piece Heart of a Wizard. The parts were quite challenging for the players but they managed to make it sound great in the time at their disposal. I will post the result once the mix is complete.


LEGENDARY AD is in competition at the 2017 edition of the Beverly Hills Film Festival. It will be screening on Friday, April 28th at the historic TCL Chinese Theater in the heart of Hollywood. As one of the few feature-length films in competition we are quite excited. Tickets for individual screenings can be purchased at the festival's site, where the schedule will be published shortly:


NO ASYLUM will have its LA premiere at the Laemmle Music Hall in Beverly Hills. The documentary, directed by Paula Fouce, will play from August 19 through August 25, with four showings per day. Following the showings there will be a Q&A with the filmmakers. Below is the official press release with ticketing information:

SHOWTIMES: 12:10; 2:20; 4:40; 7:10; 9:30 pm.
Tickets on sale Aug. 16.

The film reveals the untold story of Anne Frank's father struggles to help his family emigrate. Could the Holocaust have been prevented? The world turned its back on the Franks, as well as many others who sought refuge from Nazi Germany. Something of a prequel to Anne's iconic diary, the documentary shares details of the Frank family story before they went into hiding in the attic.

"NO ASYLUM director Paula Fouce. . . noted how sophisticated some of Anne [Franks]’s ideas are. Still the filmmaker was reluctant to take on a chapter in history that has been so thoroughly examined over the years. But when parallels began to emerge. . . for refugees then and now, she found it too compelling to resist.”— The Hollywood Reporter

“He wrote letter after letter—without success. The father of Anne Frank tried desperately to get exit visas for his family. But the US wanted to accept very few Jewish refugees. This touching documentary traces the stages of failure.”
— Der Spiegel